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Euroclinic, Italy


Otocompact Professional EVO

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Medi-Care Solutions, built on the aspirations of ISAF Group, consisting of several autonomous corporate structures, mainly specialized in the processing of metal sheets, is the culmination of years of work and it represents a new beginning in the medical world.
Medi-Care Solutions, through more than 35 consolidated worldwide dealers, offers a wide range of medical products branded EUROCLINIC® for ENT, PODIATRY, and GYNECOLOGY outpatient rooms.
Focusing on Research & Development  EUROCLINIC® brand is enhanced, never forgetting the commitment to provide customers with the best medical solutions also according to each specific market/territory features for the best relief of physicians and patients.
Moreover, the alarming spread of infectious diseases and the growing sensitivity of the population all over the world, have highlighted the attention for hygiene and sterilization problems.
Medi-Care Solutions, along with its wide range of medical products, Euroclinic® branded, for ENT, PODIATRY and Multispecialistic chairs is more than glad to also introduce its new Sterilization line under the STRIX brand.

The relatively short production cycle, if compared to the product’s complexity, is organized according to advanced assembling and testing procedures, that being in compliance to CE, ISO and FDA certifications in force grant excellent results in terms of quality and reliability standards.

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