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Huntleigh Health Care, U.K.


Sonicaid Team 3
Sonicaid BD-4000 XS
Sonicaid Doppler SR2-SR3
Vascular Doppler DMX
Dopplex ABI Ankle Brachial Index Kit




As a proud member of the Huntleigh family, we believe that great healthcare is always a collective effort. The greatest contribution we can provide to patients, and the professionals who care for them, is confidence. This is what we have been striving for since 1979, with innovative solutions in vascular care, fetal and patient monitoring. Solutions that can assist clinicians in improving outcomes and enhancing patient wellbeing. Whether it’s the safe delivery of a new life, improving the day-to-day quality of life, or monitoring life’s vital signs, we aim for clinical excellence and improved performance, for life.

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